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An Exceptional Olfactory Offer

Extend the sensual smells of our iconic lines with home fragrance diffusers. Choose one with your purchase of two products, only for a limited time. Available in a Kérastase Salon near you!
It always seems a little unfair. Some women walk into a room and everyone turns to see. But it is not only looks we are looking at. Oh sure, that’s part of it. Beauty is beauty, after all, but there is something about a truly cool woman that is undeniable, yet undefinable. When you’re drawn to someone who just has... something, what exactly are you noticing? An aura, perhaps? A feeling? What is this mysterious quality?

Perhaps it is a scent. After all, smell is our strongest sense. Sometimes, even a subtle fragrance can provoke an acute reaction. It can alter our moods, and lift our spirits. The creators at Kérastase are acutely aware of the effect of a woman’s scent on anyone she may encounter.

Indulge in the Offer

Now, receive a complimentary home fragrance diffuser with your purchase of minimum $180 Kerastase products. 

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