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NEW Loreal Absolut Repair Molecular ARM Treatment (E-Voucher)


Absolut Repair Molecular
Repair 2 years of damage, in one use.*

  • Restores hair's strength , elasticity and movement.**
  • Deep penetration, instant transformation.

    *Instrumental test after 15 application of shampoo + rinse-off serum + leave-in mask.
    **Consumer test after 2 weeks use of shampoo + rinse-off serum + leave-in mask.
    Non-retouched pictures

    What happens to your hair when damaged?

    When hair is damaged, its molecular structure composed of peptides is compromised. Hair becomes weak, too elastic, with a lack of movement.

    Why can this damage become irreversible ?

    Most peptides are too big to be reinjected into the fiber, making damage almost irreversible.

    Why is Absolut Repair Molecular the best solution ?

    For the first time, L’Oréal Advanced Research achieved to decompose peptides, to inject their components, amino acids & peptides bonder, separately into the fiber. Once inside, they reform and rebuild the molecular structure of the hair.* With this patented tech, hair is reborn stronger, with its elasticity and movement restored.**

    Try the long-lasting molecular repair protocol.


    This eVoucher package (Set) includes

    • An in-salon Absolut Repair Molecular Treatment (for hair lengths up to the bra level)
    • Absolut Molecular Repairing Sulphate-Free Shampoo for damaged hair  (300ml)
    • Deep molecular repairing hair rinse-off serum (250ml)
    • Deep molecular repairing leave-in mask for damaged hair (100ml)

    Voucher valid for services by Senior Stylists and above. 

      1. Cancellations or changes after booking is scheduled is not allowed.
      2. Voucher must be purchased immediately after booking of slot via Select Hair Treatment during booking. Minimum of 3 day advanced booking required. Voucher purchased can only be used 3 days later. 
      3. Slots subjected to availability. 
      4. Package purchased valid for 30 days from date of purchase. 
      5. Surcharge of $30 applies for bra length hair and surcharge of 30% applies for waist length hair. Top up payable at the salon. 

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